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Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1 Empty Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1

Post by ғelιcιтy✉ on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:38 pm

The rooster called, and the morning came. The birds chirped, the clouds stood still in the sky, forming themselves into different and creative images. The branches rustled from the animals scurrying across, and crawled on top of by the bugs of the tree, making their way to a food source. The bedroom the girl laid in was a bubbly pink, made when she first moved here, many years ago. Boards and signs filled the walls and they all spoke about power and superiorness. Images were placed all around the walls of all her classmates, and their weaknesses, and how she could beat them at what they were superior at. Some, had darts on them, as those people had made her frustrated. The walls had no cracks in them, and the paint was perfectly covered. Above her bed, frames were nailed in, holding her accomplishments. Which there were many, including all sports, academics, and just about the silliest things, such as if she won a arm wrestling fight. Her dresser was a light pink, and had full drawers, with pencils, notebooks, and other necessities. Upon her dresser laid a beautiful hand-made butterfly lamp, that anybody and everybody would be drawn to if they were to see it for themselves. Across that, was her closet, which was a light snow owl white, and had blackish knobs, and when you opened them, a walk in closet appeared before your eyes, and you walked into a giant room full of clothes, shoes, makeup, and just about anything you could think of. Lastly, their was the queen bed. Or "king" as you really should call it. This bed, was more like a bed for 10 people, than just 1. It was a water bed, and you felt heaven as your body got caressed on top of it. The covers were pink and had very nice fabric, and were warm, soft, and fuzzy. The pillows, were perfectly fluffed, and laid at perfect rate at the top of the bed. And then, in the bed itself, laid Gabriella. The time was 6:29, and at any minute, she would wake up. As soon as the clock hit 6:30, Gabriella sat up from her bed, throwing her covers off, and even then the bed still looked perfect. She had no alarm, but woke up on instinct, and she smiled to herself mischievously, wondering who she would beat today. She put on her black tennis shoes, white shirt, and blue shirt, her usual outfit, and sprinted out her white covered antique door, into her own personal bathroom. She picked up her pink metallic brush and brushed her brown hair, then she perfected it by curling at the ends. She then called in her maids, you see, because she was extremely rich, and got whatever she wanted. Gabriella then ordered the maids to get her makeup artists, and snapped her fingers to show she wanted them now and not in a minute. The maids scurried off, worried they will get fired, due to Gabriella would fire them if they made one mistake in anyway. She waited impatiently, her mind turning, wondering what she could do them for revenge, as they came back in a upsetting 2 minutes. She scowled at her maids, and told them to leave immediately. Her makeup artists then got to work, and made her face more beautiful than it already was. After that annoyance was done, she walked proudly to the kitchen, where the gourmet chef cooked her favorite meal, but she was not pleased. The eggs were the tinest bit overcooked, and that made her nuts. She demanded he make it again, and he did, and he did so until it was to her liking, and only that. She ate slowly and quietly, cringing at every bite, cause nothing could ever be perfect compared to her, making her hate everything but herself, and only that. She picked up her fancy black schoolbag, and placed it on her shoulder. She held her head up and walked out without thanking any of her workers for their help and service. As Gabriella walked out, the black limo pulled out, and the driver opened the door for her, and spoke softly, as if frightened, or unsure "Hello Gabriella", and she flew her head towards him, gave him a look of disgust, and planted her hand right on his cheek, and hit him across the face. "You will call me Miss Gabriella!" she yelled into his face, making him token aback, but all he did was put his head down, and agree. Gabriella then sat in the car, crossing her arms, still very outraged about the scene a few moments ago. She would definitely get him fired, and so he was. They drove to her public school, although Gabriella would of rather have gone to private school, her father insisted she go here, and so she did. The driver opened the door for her, careful with the eye contact, and when she got out, drove as quickly away as the limo would go. She looked after him, disgusted by his behavior to her, as she was superior. She then started to walk to the school, and she looked at all the students around her. They all looked wimpy, or weird, or small, or big, or fragile, or too happy, everything about those people bothered her. She ignored them all, but they all stared at her. They cowered among her, hiding behind the things around them, and she smiled happily at their frightened faces. She walked to her classroom, her feet tapping on the floor as she walked. People stood everywhere, and all she had to do was snap for them to move away and let her go past. She then ordered one of the men to open the door for her, and she walked in and the noise stopped as they heard her walk in, and everyone sat down quietly, as if she was the teacher, and she was a rough one. She then sat at her desk, right in front, where nobody else sat near her, knowing it was her space and hers only. The bell then rang a high pitched sound, and the teacher walked in, with a strange looking boy following her, his shoes untied and tangled, and he stumbled with every step. His face looked nervous but happy, and he looked as if he was trying to make a good impression. The teacher introduced him, and Gabriella glared at him, her mind turning, wondering, thinking, who was he? What could he be good at? How could she beat him? His face glanced a moment at her, and her cheeks turned the tinest bit of red, and she panicked due to this. What was happening? Whatever it was, she would prevent it. She scowled at him, and turned away, and he looked surprised, but kind of laughed a little, maybe humored by her reaction, but she took it as an offense. He was laughing at her! How dare he! The teacher then told him to sit whenever he liked, and as if by chance, the only seats were the ones by Gabriella, and Gabriella noticed this and shook head to the teacher, telling her no way was he to sit next to her. She wouldn't talk to the likes of him! His clothes were torn and he was a complete mess. It was not happening. But all the teacher did was sigh, and sadly Gabriella had no decision whatsoever over the teacher's decision, and so the boy sat next to her. She knew his name was Joey, because the teacher told the whole class his name. He sat down at the desk, and looked at her for a moment, gave her a smile, but she did not reply, and ignored him, focusing only on the lesson being taught. He made a clueless face towards her, unable to understand what that meant, and from there on kept his eyes on her the whole class, trying to figure out what the action had meant. Every so often, she would see his eyes staring at her, and she would become outraged, and she would scowl and glare at him once, then turn her head away before she could see his response. The bell rang, and she was about to walk out, as she always ate lunch alone, a form of showing she was too good to be around others, when Joey caught her hand and pulled her back, (although, it was actually really an accident, because he tripped over his shoelaces, and his hand fell onto hers) and she looked shocked back at him, too surprised to put a look of disgust upon her face, and stared at him wondering how he had the courage to touch someone who was so superior than himself. Flustered, he decided he should say something, so he asked if he could join her for lunch, telling her he was new, and had no friends. Gabriella then found herself again, and pulled away from his grasp and angrily walked away, but of course Joey took that as an invitation to follow her. As they walked, her face was red, flaming of anger, wondering why after she rejected him, she was being stalked. Gabriella considered the fact that he was indeed a clueless and air headed person, or maybe he could even be deaf. She didn't know sign language, but maybe it was about time she did learn, or else he would be superior than her in that factor. She placed herself on her usual bench, and opened up her lunch. The boy followed her, doing the same, but almost fell backwards while sitting on the bench. She stared at him wondering how a person could be such a clumsy doof, and a giggle almost escaped her lips, and her eyes went wide, knowing she never laughed. She was superior in comedy, nobody was more funnier than her, she told herself. She took her knife and fork and ate her fish. Joey blinked at her, and gasped at her high quality lunch, while he took out a PB&J sandwich on wheat bread. Gabriella smiled at this fact, knowing she beat him in who had the better food. Joey took a bite of his sandwich, and though to himself, about how this girl was such an interesting person, and he almost felt as if he was on a date. The girl was extremely beautiful after all, sitting next to her made him feel like he was cool. He decided to make conversation, so he started telling her about his move to here. "I moved here about a month ago. The reason we moved was because we were running out of money...and could not pay the rent there. My mom had taken on many jobs, because when my dad died a year ago, we started to get no money coming in, and we lost our home. Then we moved here, and we are now renting a small house, with 1 bedroom, and it's basically an apartment but worse." He sighed considerably, and went on."But I tell myself there's a lot I have to look forward too, making friends, I mean I already made one friend." he said softly, glancing at Gabriella, and smiled a little, and although his appearance was unappealing, Gabriella's heart melted a little at that soft smile, and her mouth, wanted to smile back, but a force told her no, that she was better, and smiling would ruin that. So she just nodded, knowing saying something mean would even be beyond her limits after finding out his father died, and she then knew he was an open person. Although she would not want to be his friend, she would let him be her servant. "Fine, you can follow me around. But we are not friends. Remember that." she shut her lunchbox, stood up and turned and walked away, and he did not follow her, but smile after her, knowing he had somewhat got through to her, and he knew right then and there that she was indeed special. Gabriella yelled "Come now!" and he ran up behind her and stood behind her as they walked, tripping slightly. And that is how they met, and how their friendship began.

This is chapter 1. Chapter 2 should be out tomorrow, or tonight, if i get bored. I hope you like my story! Comment please, thanks (:
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Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1 Empty Re: Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1

Post by Amber on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:05 pm

pls <3333333333333333

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Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1 Empty Re: Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1

Post by halsmermaid♔ on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:06 pm

luv it girl

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Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1 Empty Re: Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1

Post by Melly on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:16 pm

THIS IS AMAZING, You'd be a great author some day Sami. I'll be the first one in line to buy that book one day. <33333333 ILYSM
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Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1 Empty Re: Missing Piece(Pīsu ga mitsukaranai) Chapter 1

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