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Catty's Blog 2-19-14 Empty Catty's Blog 2-19-14

Post by Cαтту☼ on Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:46 pm

Hai Guys!!
My last blog post was not looked at.
So, I try blogging about something else  Razz 
I was watching the Olympics last night and I saw this advertisement for this tv series called Believe.
Perhaps everyone else has seen it too. I cannot wait to see this, and I think it premiers in march..
Anyone who hasn't seen the preview, I recommend watching it when it premiers.
Also, for a interesting comedy, Muppets Most Wanted sounds funny lol xD.
It's another cold rainy day at Winston-Salem north Carolina. I got tripped by one of my cats and bitten by the other
random cool pictures I found:
#Curing Cat Bites, and Sporting Nerdy Glasses
Ttfn, Catty

*find me on twitter (positevleycatty) weheartit (Cat Bellegrine) and bearville (margaritablack22)
Grand Bear
Grand Bear

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Catty's Blog 2-19-14 Empty Re: Catty's Blog 2-19-14

Post by April on Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:56 am

I'll go check out your old blog, don't worry keep blogging!<3
Grand Bear
Grand Bear

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